Ushna Shah Criticized Tweet on Norway Incident

Ushna Shah remains active on the Twitter and always criticized because of her tweets. Ushna Shah is the well know actress of Pakistan industry and she worked in many Pakistani Dramas. She is delegent actress and well known for her gorgeous styles. That’s many people tend to follow her on social media sites. She has a huge amount of Twitter followers and now those twitter followers are criticizing Ushna Shah Because of her recent tweet.

Ushna Shah has posted a recent tweet on which the controversy begins. She said that

“People are asking me to speak on Norway Accident and my answer is that I am much worry about the 4 years old Manshera Girl who was raped and threw in a dig, she remains weeping for 4 days then she was rescued and died in hospital”

This tweet by Ushna Shah became the controversy and people starts criticizing her for her tweet. The Twitter users said why are you comparing the two incidents which are so opposite. Someone said that why should you only work in dramas and not speak on those issues. So the Ushna Shah was badly criticized after her those tweets.

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