Top 07 Pakistani Mehndi Dresses for Men

The wedding season is in. it is in for females and males both. The wedding season is very much important not only for those who are getting married but also for those who are attending the marriage. Those attenders have to look gorgeous and like no one in the ceremony. For those looks they planned very excitedly for every functions of the marriage. They have the separate plans for Mehdi, Mayo, Barat and Walima. The wedding is not only special for females but also it gets much excited to grooms also. Every groom wants to look nice and attractive on his wedding day. Every man wants to wear traditional dress on this essential day. So those boys who are attenders plan to wear the dresses on the mehndi that look very different and very awesome.

In Past, men wear simple dresses and they never show much interest in dresses but with the passage of time men are heading towards style and fashion. Our traditional dress for men is usually Shalwar Kameez or Kurta Shalwar. Those Pakistani dresses as casual have simple colors but on the functions like marriage or something like parties and diner, they use to wear they wear dresses of fascinating colors on, those type of functions. Now, Pakistani designers are working on Pakistani traditional dresses with the touch of latest designs. This unique type of idea is proved to be so worthy for those designers because Pakistani people are very attracted towards those dresses to wear. Those Pakistani designers are showing their excellence in their work.

The mehndi dress for men is of much importance for groom as every groom wants to look perfect on his mehndi. The Pakistani top trended brands are working on the boutique dresses for men. The boutique dresses for men is a different idea but it is now getting much popularity in the fashion industry. Those boutique dresses are not to be wear as causal but those dresses can be put on the wedding seasons. Because on weddings with the elegance of light and delighted feelings those dresses play an important role because of their glittering effect on everyone who cast a look on those dresses.

The fabulous performance of embroidery on Mehndi dress is always the main key point of every fashion designer. Following are the top 07 brands for Mehndi dresses in Pakistan.

  1. HSY
  2. Nomi Ansari
  3. Deepak Parwani
  4. Amir Adnan
  5. Ammar Bilal
  6. Razwan Moazzam
  7. Munib Nawaz

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