Top 05 Women wear Brands in Pakistan

If you are searching for something unique to wear this time then you don’t worry, we will tell you that what are top dresses brands to choose for your personality. Women dresses having many types of styles is difficult to choose for ladies that which outfit look perfect according to their personality. There are plenty of Pakistani brands working for the unique outfits of ladies. Those brands have many collections of Party wears, causal wears, bridal wear dresses for ladies. The printed dresses are more in demand now than simple dresses. Before printed dresses everyone just wears simple single colored dresses as causal wears. And some kind of laces are added on those dresses for bridals. But now there are many kinds of printed dresses are there for ladies with every piece is different from other piece.

You are looking for top class women wear brands in Pakistan here are some of the most unique brands of women wear in Pakistan. Women dresses having beautiful colors are of most vital factors in choosing the brand. Women are more interested in wearing “Shalwar Kameez” as causal dress. And for party dresses they mostly use to wear jeans shirts. In Pakistan, western touch is now raising. Women are also wearing some of western dresses in big cities of Pakistan like Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore etc. mostly ladies use to wear jeans pants under the kurta. Some ladies also wear boutique shirts over the jeans. So, the unique western dress brands are also working to Pakistan to give amazing dresses for ladies. There are plenty of stores are in Pakistan that give best quality dresses for women. Also, there are some online stores also available for online shopping.

Bridal dress is mostly of Pakistani culture. In Pakistan, the preference of brides is to wear the old boutique dresses of their mothers. But now new generation brides are heading towards advanced designs for their bridal dress. There are many designers in Pakistan that are working for excellent bridal dresses in Pakistan. The heavy boutique dresses are more preferred that’s why those designers make those type of dresses for Pakistani brides. Those bridal dresses are mostly of red or brown in color. But some brides also preferred other colors than red or brown to wear.

Following are the top 05 women wear brides in Pakistan

  1. Strangi
  2. Asim Jofa
  3. Firdous
  4. Al Karam
  5. Bonanza

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