People are Trolling on Empty Seats in Karachi Stadium Pak VS SL

Cricket came back to the Pakistan and this time is in Karachi. The Pakistan and Sri Lanka both are playing matches in Pakistan at Karachi Stadium. There are 5 ODIs and Other matches being played at Karachi Stadium. PAKvSL both are striving for their best play. The most amazing thing is that the cricket is coming back to the Pakistan. The Pakistani people are very excited on these matches. Just like the Recent tweet of Shahid Afridi in which he presents his joy on the cricket come back to the Pakistan.

But after looking at the empty seats at the Karachi Stadium every one is so sad. They show their behavior on the twitter by tweeting their personal ideas mostly people are showing their strange feelings on the empty seats at Karachi Stadium. Just look at the tweet by this man who is showing his concern that “PCB needs to understand that empty stadiums do not send a positive worldwide msg of home series. PCB must use think tank to attract cricket fans in the stadium instead looking for profit from tickets. How about promotion in corporate sector & schools/univ before events”

This man is also trolling the people of Karachi who can’t come at the karachi Stadium for PAKvsSL ODI match. He is saying that the Karachi People don’t come and it is like Bad thing for the Pakistani People.

The people of Lahore are mostly trolling the Karachi people because Lahori people are the wide hearted and they usually attend the Pakistani matches regularly and they will go to PAKvsSL match if it were being played at Lahore Stadium.

People are just wondering that why the Karachi people don’t go to watch the match. They think the Karachi people are boring and they don’t enjoy the match. They don’t get the free day for a match.

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